Speech Peter R. de Vries Opening Meet Kate Academy

As ambassador of the Meet Kate Foundation and as the father of Kelly, I am honored to speak a few words today on this very special occasion: The opening of the Meet Kate Academy. The building of the Meet Kate Academy has to be considered as a major and impressive step forward and a big achievement in the still short history of Meet Kate. It all started with the children’s home, a couple of years ago, as you will all remember. To create a home, a safe shelter for children, is in my opinion the number-one challenge in the world and was realized in a magnificent way here in Ekwamkrom, Ghana. The happy smiles on the children’s faces proof the success of Meet Kate every day.

But what I appreciate the most about the Meet Kate Foundation, is the sense, the notion. It wasn’t finished yet with just a roof, food and care. And that’s why the foundation was determined to complete this project with good facilities for education as well. Education is the key to a better future. Knowledge is power, as we say. I am convinced that knowledge and education will open doors for many young children here in the Children’s Home, for the people living in this region and finally even for the population in the whole of Ghana. They will all profit and benefit from this academy. Education and knowledge will give the children access to a new world. So that they can distinguish right from wrong, so that they can take care of themselves, but also care for their family and friends, for neighbors and fellow countryman and -women. With education and knowledge, they can create a better future, built a strong and healthy society. I am sure education and knowledge will bring prosperity to all.

I realize this may all sound a little bit elevated, ladies and gentleman, but I can assure you: it is not. It all can start here. Today. With you. With the Meet Kate Academy. You just have to make it happen. And when I look around and see what’s already been done and achieved, I am sure you all will make this dream come true as well.

Congratulations with this beautiful Meet Kate Academy.

Peter. R. de Vries

Ambassador Meet Kate


Auteur: Peter R. de Vries
30-01-2013 Categorie: General


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